Trump Administration Threatens Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the previous chairman of the FCC, utilized his last public speaking engagement before leaving office to caution organizations and buyers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be extremely constrained if the approaching organization strikes down the 2015 open internet arrangement that he and his team set up. This request situated the FCC’s unhindered internet control that keeps Internet Service Providers from abating or blocking activity on their systems. This gives all activity level with circumstance and speed and counteracts arrange bias.

Wheeler additionally demonstrated sympathy toward the Internet of Things, a territory of financial development that is rapidly getting to be distinctly top of brain to numerous organizations and strategy creators in Washington.

“[T]he development of the web of things is another territory that relies on upon the open network of those things,” Wheeler said. “On the off chance that ISPs can choose subjectively which IoT gadget can be associated, or support their own IoT action over their rivals, the splendid eventual fate of IoT diminishes.” Wheeler proceeded, “As everything goes into the cloud, the capacity to get to the cloud free of guardians is basic. In the event that ISPs get the chance to pick which applications and mists work superior to anything others as far as get to, speed and dormancy, they will control the cloud future,”.
Wheeler’s position may not be an unexpected now but rather given his past as a lobbyist for the link and remote area his support of internet fairness may come as a stun.

Bill Wilson, an expert for BBL, Broadband Landing, stated, “Wheeler might underplay the earnestness of the circumstance. Internet fairness is the greatest arrangement that nobody truly gets it. On the off chance that customers and private companies really acknowledged what the web would look like after it was purchased and sold by substantial partnerships that was be stressed. This would be every one of that was being discussed.”

Wheeler has a similar question numerous organizations do, specifically will Trump disassemble an arrangement that is unmistakably working? With republicans straightforwardly contradicted to internet fairness things do appear to be desperate for the approach.

Wheeler’s discourse not just goes about as a notice to the approaching organization additionally unmistakably endeavors to extend the extent of the internet fairness wrangle all in all. Shopper effect of the open web request is quite often the lead in any talk of internet fairness yet here Wheeler’s concentration was on the threat to organizations and their expanding utilization of distributed computing. Interference or the moderating of these administrations is more damaging than a video playing moderate. Organizations may be required to totally change back office administration frameworks. An organization like could have their client base separated between clients that have an ISP that permits their activity and ISP’s that won’t. Circumstances of this sort could be rehashed crosswise over numerous business administrations. On the off chance that AT&T purchases a firm that gives CMS to deals and advertising bunches, it is not unfathomable that they would demonstrate inclination to this firm over others.

Wheeler particularly gets out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give a few organizations free access by not charging clients for the information they utilize. While this isn’t the dreaded “Fast track” unhindered internet has been attempting to stay away from, it might really be more regrettable.

Wheeler completed his discourse with, “It now tumbles to another arrangement of controllers, to another FCC and to the individuals who advocate before it and the Congress to decide the street that they need to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that street. One way leads forward and alternate leads back to relitigating arrangements that are certifiably working.”

While the byway similarity fits, it’s really more extraordinary than Wheeler makes it appear. One street leads forward and alternate leads back 10 years and afterward off a precipice into a gap loaded with crocs.

I Chose to Stay Where I Was Living for About Five Years

‎I was in the Air Force for 30 years. And I always wondered where I would end up living full time when I finally retired. The last place that I was stationed was in New Mexico, and I really fell in love with the area. So, when I got out, I chose to look for apartments in Albuquerque NM while I made up my mind about whether to stay there for the rest of my life or not. I suppose I could have started thinking about that long before my last day of military service, but I had a lot of things on my plate during that last year.

My parents were getting up there in years, and they were located one state away from where I was stationed. I was really happy that I was not outside of the country at the time my dad had a heart attack. I was able to drive home on the weekends to help him and mom out. He didn’t have a major heart attack, but the point is that he did have one, and I felt it was my duty to help out when I could. I even told my parents to leave all their tough chores for the weekends so that I could show up and help them out. They really appreciated that.

I fully intended to move home, but that didn’t happen because both of my parents moved away. It broke my heart. I went home, cleared out their home, and never went back after that. I really did not want to move back there full time. So, I sold the house. This is how I ended up staying in the same station where I had been stationed. I really like it here. It is not too hold or cold. There is a lot to see and do here, and it is affordable, too.

Fat Women’s Fashion (christmas) Overweight Fat Girls Fashion Faults & Tips 4 Short Plump Women

Fashion for Fat PeopleThis Christmas – What is it about Christmas that has women automatically think about the way they look or worry over their weight? Has it anything to do with festive season adverts like “Big” Turkey, “Plump” Goose, “Fleshy” Duck or “Fat” juicy Chicken. I know, not nice words to hear for them who are overweight but they sell poultry and you have to accept this, unless this Christmas you choose to pass by the freezer section in your supermarket.

You could however do something about your weight if this is the problem. Getting in shape and losing weight will have you see the meaning of – Big – Plump – Fleshy and Fat in a different light, and more in the way of “I’m tasty please eat me”.

Have you been thinking about dieting to lose weight before Christmas, or just generally considering joining a weight loss program in spite of the season, if so, there’s no better time to start shedding those pounds now.
It’s not nice being fat and frumpy, and for some it’s majorly upsetting – having to put up with people who don’t understand how you feel and call you nasty names like fatty, blubber butt and their goes Bessie Bunter. Another reason is not being able to wear the latest fashion and look good. If your obesity is not caused by illness then let’s look at some sensible ideas in regards to fashion sense so “YOU” will look good in the latest trends in designer clothes.

Christmas Fashion for Fat People

If you believe you won’t reach your desired size by Christmas through dieting then work with your plump or stout body. Have you ever heard of the saying “pleasantly plump” so why not that be you this year.

Black is a magical colour

Just because black may not be the in colour doesn’t mean sway from the idea of wearing it. Let’s say the new trendy colour that’s in fashion is orange then you work with that colour to get the latest stylish look. Adding accessories to compliment an outfit in this shade then voila, you’re in fashion. Shoes, costume jewellery, scarves, shawls, chokers, gloves, hat or other hair accessories like combs, hair slides, bobbles and scrunches are all fabulous ideas for a fat woman to wear in the shade of orange to bring her black outfit (Trousers, blouse, dress, suit, evening gown) more up to date.

Every fat woman is curvy. Curves become more noticeable wearing the wrong clothes. Work with your curves, and not against them as this will make it difficult to get your desired look.

The vast majority of overweight women assume they can never be fashionable due fatness. How far from the truth this is. Any fat, plump, stout, portly, podgy or tubby woman/young girl can be fashionable-it’s a matter of knowing what chic clothes to wear to slim your appearance, instead of garments that does nothing for your shape and shows every ripple of belly flab around your waist and bum. .

Sadly, not many fat women understand this concept and tend to wear skimpy clothes which make them look hideous. If I’m to be honest dressing this way can make a fat woman look ugly, and I mean this in the nicest possible way. Fat women are beautiful; some obese women have real pretty faces, better than a lot of skinny girls out there. Nevertheless to be body beautiful you have to dress right to achieve this.

Christmas Fashion for Fat People

The way to avoid being ridiculed for poor fashion sense is by dressing in clothes that suit your shape and size. For instance: Wear a dress/frock that sits below the knee or just above the ankle. Don’t wear garments that cut off at the widest part of the calf. It will make you look stumpy.

High-waist tops are always in style as with the same with leggings. If you’re wearing a dress/ skirt and think it too short and showing too much leg, then wear leggings underneath. Mid-calf leggings are attractive for summer wear; nonetheless big women may want to try this if they are not comfortable with the length of their dress. A black and white print dress, some black leggings with a pair of strappy sandals is a good dressy look. A chunky red or silver bangle will add the finishing touches to the outfit. A big mistake fat women make is trying to look smaller, which is right and expected from them who worry over their shape and size, however it’s best to work with your already size because, it’s less time consuming, less expensive and will still have you looking trendy and fabulous.

Undergarments are important for giving good shape, a well-fitted bra will help you feel and look your best. When you have the feel good factor you will always carry off whatever garment it is you’re wearing.

If possible don’t wear flowing capricious fabrics. Various colors, materials, layers and patterns can make you look heavier and stocky. Colors most fitting are dark grey, deep silver, wine, plum, jade, russet, midnight blue, cocoa and cranberry.

Lengthy straight skirts/dresses elongate the body which in return will have you appear slimmer
Tight is not right. Tight garments shows every bulge even the ones you didn’t know were there. Material sort to wear should be one that skims the contour of your body and not clingy.

Horizontal stripes are out and vertical in for short stout stumpy women.

Dresses or tops with empire waist for the longer look.

Keep shoe color the same as your stylish trendy outfit

Stilettos lengthen the look of legs.

Low necked dresses and long jewelry chains/necklaces help lengthen the look of the neck

Avoid chokers or pole polo neck sweaters this will give you the hunched up look

Christmas Fashion for Fat People

Fat girls need to remember they don’t need to create fashion to look great and trendy; its attitude that does this. Stay confident and positive about yourself and you will achieve or see your desired look, clothed or naked. Most common mistakes fat women make usually includes wearing jackets and belts in the wrong scope. Blouses and dressy tops of various color with big banded wide patent belts cut the body in two parts and therefore attract attention.

Elongate legs by wearing straight pants that cover your shoes.

Don’t clutter the waist with fabric.

Monochromatic garments are ideal for the pleasantly plump woman

Warning oversize t-shirts and baggy tops don’t hide flab instead they make the body look more shapeless. Baggy doesn’t hide saggy

Avoid thick heavy cloth as it adds extra weight to your figure.

Matching stilettos with long straight pants partly covering the shoe is the solution to looking taller and slimmer in any situation

Voluminous tops like loose fitting camisoles, peasant tops, tunics and smock tops goes nice with pants or leggings.

No matter what size you are, and want to look slim, then style, color and design of your clothes is important

Choose good quality fabric that hangs elegantly rather than cling.

Wear V neck, deep round neck and square neck before turtle neck.

Ideal length for short plump ladies to get a slim look is above or just on the knees, while tall women should wear longer hemlines.

Tapered trousers are chic but can make the hips look big and legs short and stumpy. Wear boot cut style trousers to render leg length.

High heels make feet, ankles look thinner.

Don’t wear smaller size garments
Wide legged jeans or pants are a good choice for the long slim look. Wear with boots, open sandals or pointed heels (winkle pickers).

Don’t wear large robe like dresses, they didn’t work for Mama Cass or Demis Roussos and won’t work for you.

Teeny Boppers Go Crazy With Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku fashion gets its name because the styles originated from this place though the epicenter in Japan is in Tokyo. Youth dress up in creative outfits, color their hair and wear different accessories to look outlandish or even bizarre! It has since become a fashion trend for youth in Japan to collect in places where they can display their freedom of expression. They do not have to worry about social pressure and even encourage qualified designers to come up with special fashion designs that have their outlets in different parts of the world.

The Harajuku fashion revolves around the teens and has no distinctive style. It is the attitude and the overall look that they try to achieve which encourages top designers to come up with different costumes and styles. Teenagers all over the world are supporting this fashion though it is fuelled to the maximum in Japan. The styles that are covered under the umbrella of high fashion are divided in different distinctions and sub-categories. One of the popular styles that have been in existence for a while is the elegant gothic Lolita look. The local music scene has also been instrumental in spurring the youth to sport the punk style. The youth may ape their favorite sport star and wear costumes that represent the anime character of something gothic. This type of revolution that the teen fashion industry is experiencing has encouraged good revenues.

If you wish to be up dated on the latest styles and costumes that hit the fashion scene regularly, read the kawaii blogs written by youngsters who can write in detail about the latest fashions. You can pick up ideas on how to mix and match a traditional kimono with a pair of jeans or purchase garments with eccentric patterns. Most of the glitter and embellishments are handmade and are listed under the cute fashion lists in the kawaii blogs. Look for accessories, heavy jewelry and exclusive designer labels that are available when you shop at the street fashion stores. Some of the well known brands apart from the Lolita culture are Cosplay, Kogal and Ganguro and you can browse through the different segments to check out the styles of your interest.

Read about Nile Perch, which is a brand that is located in Tokyo, when you click on the website icoSnap. This brand started selling polo shirts and today it has grown into a Fairy Kei shop. You can walk along the streets and admire the window displays. Learn how to reach the hotspots where the teenagers gather and strut around in their creative costumes and colored hair. They wear colorful accessories and enjoy hanging out and being seen with their friends.

If you are planning a trip to Japan and wish to purchase some cute clothes, cosmetics or jewelry take a trip to Harajuku where there are many street shops that sell clothing, handbags, pink curly clips and outfits that you can purchase for yourself or your friends. You can also sit in a cute café and watch the people parading on the streets in the height of fashion.

Via Uomo: Menswear For The Contemporary Man

Value craftsmanship, elegance and comfort portray the European-style shirts of the VIA UOMO brand dressing fashion-forward men since 2010. Men welcome the stability of the shirts as well as their rareness and how comfortable they are to wear. VIA UOMO are the best luxury shirts for men because they are prepared from the finest quality and are as comfortable as they are fashionable. Acknowledged for the fact that every shirt has its own uniqueness wearing a VIA UOMO shirt is quite a fashion statement.

The shirts are made using trendy color hues and distinctive stitching with original design details that set the brand spaced out from more traditional brands of men’s shirts. The shirts are designed and produced in Europe with the finest European fabrics such as blends of soft cotton and cotton sateen fabrics. VIA UOMO shirts are not for the budget conscientious guy but for gentlemen that truly realize value and quality in a shirt.

Men value the sporty and very classy summer line of shirts. Togged up in a VIA UOMO shirt gives men the power of elegance in a very manly way.
There are several styles to select from including long sleeve, short sleeve and polo. The polo variety is a mixture of color, whites and blacks. The Summer Collection of shirts is in pastels, stripes and plaids. These shirts are designed to be versatile because they are elegant enough to wear on the town yet stylishly comfortable on the beach. Every shirt is made with the same concentration to detail, is perfection personified and has the feel of crisp Italian fashion.

VIA UOMO Summer Collection:
• Avellino
• Saluo Short Sleeve
• UP Long Sleeve
• UP Short Sleeve
• Como Short Sleeve
• Perrona
• Parroni
• Lanciano
• Arielli

VIA UOMO Polo Collection:
• Bussero
• Burago
• Torlino
• Lurano
• Trofarello
• Perreno
• Arluno
• Cassina
• Varedo
• Vinovo

Every man attracted to wearing comfortable yet stylish European-style shirts will really be pleased about having VIA UOMO shirts. The quality fabrics and attention to detail make these shirts stand out from the traditional department store shirts where every man looks the same. Men notorious for caring about their look will love the look and feel of these distinctive and fashionable shirts. The fabrics are of the finest European quality, which cannot be found in average shirts. These shirts are truly for the more discriminating of men.

Fashion – Don’t Make These Common Fashion Mistakes

The advent, implementation and use of shirt have really been a revolution and in this regard polo shirt deserves special mention. Like jeans, polos have become a staple in the American wardrobe. There are so many to choose from today. Lacoste polos are perfection. Only the world’s strongest and most flexible cottons are chosen and used in these shirts. The polos go through rigorous testing, and each has their own dying tank. Boss Polo is famous for its simplicity of design and can be worn for both formal and informal purpose. Ralph Lauren polo-without mentioning it the polo list is incomplete. Banana Republic is great for basics at affordable prices. These polos are made with soft pima cotton in a classic pique knit. This polo is fitted, has one-button and comes in many colors. Lacoste Long Sleeve Pique Polo is along sleeve version of the perfect polo. This is another shirt that will be great worn with a blazer.

Embroidered Polo Shirts are a fashion statement these days. These are definitely in contention for the fashionable. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these are no longer worn by polo players only but by all those who prefer a sporty, casual look. These are made of cotton, thus are very comfortable. Fashionable Polo shirts are also known as tennis shirts or golf shirts. These are t-shaped with two or three buttons in front and a collar. But now there are the embroidered polos, polos with stripes, and other designs as well. These features have added style to this shirt, besides improving its appearance. Now these embroidered shirts have become a part of office wear as well. In fact, most companies have a catalog as well from which to choose the design of the logo that you want on your embroidered polo shirts. Embroidered polo shirts are in fashion, and these are so comfortable that they will continue to find a space in the wardrobes of men, women, and children alike.

The term polo shirt soon became identified with the tennis shirt design and they are a real fashion statement among the wide range of polo shirt products. A tennis shirt is without doubt very fashionable in sports. Whatever it is with the changing trends and seasons the tennis shirt or polo shirt will continue to evolve and remain a part of our attire for many years to come.

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Get the Best and Most Fashionable Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses Online and Make a Fashion Statement

One should get the correct Polo Ralph Lauren frames. These are very attractive and have the RL logo with an Ultra Violet protection up to 100% accuracy. However there are also fake models available in the market. Therefore, one should visit the online sites offering this eye wear to get a genuine one. One is able to get proper discounts and the correct prices from these stores.

These frames are made with special care that comprises of a special material used for making the Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses. The lenses and technology that are being used to produce this eye wear make the product really unique and dynamic. One can choose a Polo Ralph Lauren shade as per the personality or the style one is looking for. Colors like black, dark and light tortoise adds to the style. With the help of these shopping sites which are online, you can find all the various kinds of models or designs that the brand has to offer.

Benefits of shopping online

One gets all the benefits of the frames from online shopping. The guarantee, the authenticity of the product, exchange or return policy and also a customer service is available to help you while choosing or after you have purchased the product. The main attraction is that you are able to see how the Polo Ralph Lauren frames suit the face through a virtual technology of these online shopping sites.

Different kinds of variety obtained

One gets a variety of choices while buying or choosing this brand online. Be it a metal frame or a plastic frame, both is displayed online. This helps you to understand your needs and interests and finally take the decision. However, both the frames are long lasting.

While buying these frames online, you get a chance to get a model to match the taste or the fashion statement which you desire. Apart from the plastic or the metal frames, this eye wear also comes without frames or known as rimless. There are various kinds of materials and colors to choose from. This facility gives you the chance to explore these frames online and then make your choice as per your requirement.

Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses come in one or more categories. One can choose as per the personality. There are big frames and also small frames. These give a very strong style statement. Purchasing Polo Ralph Lauren frames and Polo Ralph Lauren eye wear makes you standout amidst a crowd!

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Ackermans returns to centre stage with new winter fashion showcase

Iconic SA value retailer, Ackermans, hosted its media event at The Bay Hotel in Cape Town on 21 April. In a beautiful showcase of its latest fashion ranges and homeware products, Ackermans put on a display of value retail at its best.
Ackermans returns to centre stage with new winter fashion showcase
click to enlarge
Ackermans returns to centre stage with new winter fashion showcase
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Ackermans returns to centre stage with new winter fashion showcase
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Speaking at the event, Ackermans MD, Sean Cardinaal says that the growth of Ackermans has been strongly influenced by the media’s support and positive showcase of the company’s products.

“It’s been four years since my first media day at Ackermans and since then the company has grown incredibly quickly. We now have over 900,000 cardholders, over a million rewards members and we are fast approaching the opening of our 500th store. We understand the valuable role that media plays in talking to our customers and we really appreciate them giving up their time to see our latest fashion offering and find out what’s new in “our world”. Ackermans is about bringing value retail to life and we are especially proud of our latest ladieswear range which embodies quality fashion-relevant items at great prices.”

The retailer also introduced Samantha Jones, the Group Global Design Executive for Pepkor, to the guests. She is part of the consultancy stable for Women’s, Men’s and Children’s apparel. Jones plays a critical role in bringing international trends and looks to Ackermans, and her knowledge and expansive experience are what helps Ackermans ensure that globalised fashion trends are translated into garments that are suitable for the South African market.

“In the last few decades South Africa has become the fashion industry’s dream. The market has successfully positioned itself as a country that has enthusiastically embraced international trends, while keeping its local essence and flavour infused into everything that it makes.

The media event also featured the pioneering initiative, Style Squad, a team of 20 of the most stylish kid bloggers – ten boys and ten girls – who are selected annually, to go out into the market and interpret their favourite fashion-looks every month. This year, two winners have been selected to have their “fashion style” translated into a real fashion range for children’s wear – all showcased on the ramp and available in stores in November.70

Armed with a tablet, data, unlimited imagination and creative flair, the Style Squad have become style and fashion celebrities in the world of Ackermans, and all promise to be the next big thing in the South African fashion industry.

Ackermans celebrates Mandela’s legacy

In honour of Mandela Day, which is celebrated globally on 18 July, Ackermans’ staff in various departments used their 67 minutes in service to the community to make cushions, mats, puppets and build puppet stages for Ackermans’ Ububele Story Schools initiative.
Ackermans celebrates Mandela’s legacy
Ackermans Ububele Story Schools is an Early Childhood Development project developed by Ackermans in partnership with Wordworks and the Nal’ibali for the reading-for-enjoyment campaign.

The programme has assisted both parents and teachers in 13 local crèches and schools, with literacy and numeracy skills, enabling them to help their children develop early language skills and learn while at school and at play.

Speaking at Ackermans’ head offices in Cape Town, MD, Sean Cardinaal says, “Mandela’s values of service, commitment and dedication to improving the lives of others, are key to unlocking the potential of South Africa and its people. In the last 99 years we have built a large, loyal customer base and enjoyed great support from the local communities within which we operate.

“Our customers’ loyalty has played a large part in Ackermans becoming a household name in South Africa. Mandela’s commitment for the children of South Africa is well-known and we are honoured to be playing our part in ensuring that our country’s children are empowered to have brighter and better futures through Ububele. The initiative is a proud milestone in our story and the perfect opportunity for us to thank and acknowledge South Africans’ contribution to our success.”

The retailer has also made donations of stationery and classroom upgrades to help make these schools fun, engaging and interactive learning environments – through schoolwork and play.

Ackermans Heritage store opening – the 500th store!

South African value retailer Ackermans opened its 500th store, in Adderley Street, Cape Town, on 23 September 2015. The shop is located in the basement of the Union Castle Building, Adderley Street in Cape Town, which is clearly visible from the street.
Ackermans Heritage store opening – the 500th store!
Ackermans Heritage store opening – the 500th store!
Ackermans Heritage store opening – the 500th store!
Joining in on the ribbon-cutting ceremony was Executive Deputy Mayor, Mr Ian Nielson, assisted by Estelle Leukes, Store Manager.

Great excitement was experienced all around with once-off opening specials, celebrity guest appearances, free gifts handed out by the famous Ackermans mascot, Buddy Bear, as well as music streaming live and on-site by The Sound of Ackermans.

In true Ackermans tradition, a donation was made to local charity organisation, Nazareth House in Derry Street, Vredehoek. Nazareth House has been caring for the elderly as well as orphaned children for more than 100 years. Today, Nazareth House provides a caring and compassionate haven for 84 of the most vulnerable members of our society.

From humble beginnings in 1916, when Ackermans opened its first store in Wynberg, Cape Town, to present day (99 years later!), Ackermans has grown its footprint quite substantially. 51 new stores were opened during the financial year ending 31 July 2015 creating a total of 827 new jobs.

The Ackermans 500th store opening is one of many celebrations leading up to Ackermans’ 100th Year Centenary Celebration in 2016 and therefore this is not just any store, but a special one showcasing our diverse heritage.

Ackermans launches kids Style Squad range

Ackermans is proud to introduce two of South Africa’s up-and-coming kids clothing fashion designers. 12-year-old #Jodi_V from Cape Town and 14-year-old Bongz from Johannesburg are the talented duo that conceptualised this exclusive limited edition, Style Squad clothing range for kids aged 7 to 14.
Ackermans launches kids Style Squad range
#Jodi_V and Bongz were members of last year’s Ackermans Style Squad – a group of 20 of the country’s most fashionable kids between the ages of 9 and 14 who blog monthly on the Ackermans’ website. It’s all about fashion advice for kids by kids.

The Style Squad Competition is the first of its kind in South Africa. It aims to recognise children who have a love for being creative with fashion and – on top of that – are able to express themselves by blogging about it. The kids of South Africa have style and Ackermans was able to provide a platform where their talent can be recognised. Through this life-changing experience, the Style Squad kids not only get to become famous in their own right, they were also rewarded with an iPad, monthly vouchers and are taught the skills needed to take good photos and write good blogs.

“It is truly amazing to see how the Style Squad bloggers improve their photographic techniques and writing skills over time,” says Marketing Director, Louise Hamman.

Every month for 12 months, the Style Squad members have to complete a fashion challenge. One of the 2014 challenges was to test their fashion designer skills. For this they had to put together a fashion range. #Jodi_V and Bongz were the winners.

In April this year the two of them visited the Style Squad Headquarters at the Ackermans Head Office in Cape Town. Here they worked with the Ackermans buyers and planners and over three days designed a range that had achieved fantastic sales at all Ackermans stores nationwide (Launch date: 29 October 2015).

#Jodi_V’s Tropical Summer range features fun prints and girly silhouettes, while Bongz’s collection is all about Urban #Swag, using influences from top R&B singers as well as Johannesburg settings.

Moms of teenagers were over the moon about these two ranges, consisting of six items each, since they take the guesswork out of what picky teens can be like! They are well priced and were designed to be mixed and matched, making them great value for money from as little as R49.95. It’s a win-win situation – your teen is on trend and your budget is in check.

What did being part of the Style Squad journey mean to them? “I’ve had amazing experiences. Being part of Style Squad has opened loads of doors for me and gave me opportunities I will forever be grateful for,” said Bongz. “I’ve learned there are endless possibilities out there”, said #Jodi_V. “If I believe and push beyond the boundaries, not even the sky is the limit.”